How I Make Money Online

The Simple Answer: Invest in Yourself




I love using Ebates to shop because I get cash back on all my purchases, with no strings attached.  Not only do you get a sweet sign-up bonus, but some of the retailers offer cash back of 25% or more!  Refer your friends and get $25 for each friend who signs up.  Holy cash cow!  Sign up for Ebates here today and start earning.


I use Bluehost for all my websites and I’ve been extremely satisfied with their customer service and pricing.  If you are considering starting your own website I highly recommend Bluehost!

Get Licensed

If you are planning on being in this business, you need to get licensed!  I believe a real estate license is essential for success, even as an investor.  We live in a a magical time where taking the pre-license course has never been easier.  An online course is convenient,  cheap and you can go at your own pace.

I used and recommend Real Estate Express.  They were the first online school of real estate, and they are still the best!  Go here to start you career as a real estate salesperson, but don’t stop there.  You can go all the way to broker!

Build Your Business

You need expert advice that will save you years of trial and error.  Bigger Pockets and J Massey bring invaluable experience from people who are making it big in real estate.  You can’t go wrong with any of J’s courses, and Bigger Pockets offers e-books and forums galore.

Self Improvement

Overcome past trauma that is holding you back!  Learn about self authoring from Dr. Jordan Peterson and help your present self create a better future.  Success only comes if you take that first step.  Free yourself and reach your full potential.

Feed Your Mind

Read Books

Find books and other products I love in my shop.

Take Classes

You love capitalism.  You love history.  Get the education you deserve from the great libertarian scholar Tom Woods at Liberty Classroom.